MSF Mexico

In October 2019, Coatzacoalcos was awarded the title of least safe city of Mexico, with as many as 94.5% of its resident reporting feeling unsafe. 

This city controlled by drug traffickers and corrupted law enforcement is also an important stop for migrants travelling from Guatemala to United States in La Bestia, a freight train. This city is located at the end of the southern region of Mexico called : « the jungle » which is the most dangerous section of their trip due to the narcos and the police stopping the train frequently to rob them, deport them, or sometimes worse.

The NGO Medicos Sin Fronteras (Doctors Without Borders) is present daily to a well-known location under a bridge to look after the basic needs of these migrants. They not only offer medicine, but also provide migrants with temporary shelter and critical psychological support to those in need.

Coatzacoalcoas, Mexico, February 2020