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Léo Coulongeat was born in 1990, and currently lives between Paris and Bordeaux. Former engineer, he’s a self-taught photographer.

He considers Mexico as his second home as he lives there for 5 years. He is very close to all latino-american cultures.

In 2016 Leo found himself deeply drawn to the desert and its inhabitants during a trip to United States. Traveling in arid national parks is a real revelation for him; from then he decided to quit his start-up job to go outside of his comfort zone.

In 2017 he start a one year trip around the planet for his project From Desert : meeting desert’s inhabitants and travelers, where he met those who have chosen, or not, to defy these inhospitable lands.

By definition the desert is a place where no one lives, from this paradox Léo tries to shows these unique cultures, the displaced way of living or also some issues ignored by the remoteness of these regions.

His work on deserts will be published in 2021 in a photography atlas book with Hachette editions.

Since 2018 he turns toward the photo essay to testify the environmental and social issues that he has discovered, often lead by an intimate eye. Recently, he went on to different sensitive regions like Lebanon, Algeria or Mexico to work on the current problematics there.

Aside from reportages, he's currently working with different outdoor projects like professional athlete, surf community or adventurers.

He chooses the name “ERISPHERE” as his artist’s name. Eris is the greek goddess of chaos and discord; it is also the name of a violent desert sand storm that rages in Egypt, also called the khamsin, a dry hot wind similar to the North African sirocco, which blows enormous gusts of dust, disorienting those in its path. It embodies the desert’s natural force.


2019 Winner of the contest « Guillaume Nery, à plein souffle » from the Glenat editions.

2019 Exhibition at Lille Europe, « Desert From Above », Lille (FR)

2019 Exhibition at Maison du crowdfunding, « Dune », Paris (FR)

2017 Exhibition at Porte Royale, »Dune », La Rochelle (FR)

2016 Rewarded by Les Others, contest « The Longer Days »


Pictures are available in Fine Art prints (eco-paper 100% cotton, more than 100 years durability), limited edition, signed and numbered.

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Léo Coulongeat

Freelance Photographer & Filmmaker

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