Léo Coulongeat began his career as an engineer in different french start-up. Autodidact, his interest with photography started in 2013 with urban exploration. He decided to became a professional photographer after being struck by the desert richness in his two first long trips : the south-west national parks in the U.S. and the moroccan Sahara. Since then, he started the project From Desert, motivated by his desire to meet the desert's travelers and inhabitants.

Aside from the desert topics, he's currently working with different outdoor projects like professional athlete or the tea culture around the world.

He chooses the name “ERISPHERE” as his artist’s name. Eris is the greek goddess of chaos and discord; it is also the name of a violent sand storm that rages in Egypt, also called the khamsin, a dry hot wind similar to the North African sirocco, which blows enormous gusts of dust, disorienting those in its path. It embodies the desert’s natural force.


2019 Winner of the contest « Guillaume Nery, à plein souffle » from the Glenat editions.

2019 Exhibition at Lille Europe, « Desert From Above », Lille (FR)

2019 Exhibition at Maison du crowdfunding, « Dune », Paris (FR)

2017 Exhibition at Porte Royale, »Dune », La Rochelle (FR)

2016 Rewarded by Les Others, contest « The Longer Days »


Pictures are available in Fine Art prints (eco-paper 100% cotton, more than 100 years durability), limited edition, signed and numbered.

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Léo Coulongeat

Freelance Photographer & Filmmaker