Desert Drivers

The drivers of the desert are these unusual animals. Rolling daily through the most distant regions and the most extreme of the world.

Distant cousins of the mutant characters of the Mad Max films, one sees them most commonly in the early morning, cigarette and coffee at hand, gaunt faces shining from motor grease, the sand and reflections of the sun on the car body.

Generally based in the last cities on the outskirts of the desert, their presences are the first grains of sand that whip against you, both wild and intense.

It is their extraordinary conditions of life which shape these chauffeurs, making them unique singular figures. Adventurers, dry skin, fanatical smokers, faces of profound beauty sometimes cracked and weatherworn, their presences inspire an absolute fascination.

The kilometers of trail are the backdrop for an exchange of stories between the daring traveler and these drivers, accustomed to recounting their legends like their illustrious ancestors of Arabian Nights.