Douira – The longest, slowest, and heaviest train in the world

Between Maghreb and Sub-Sahara lies the largest desert in the world, The Sahara, traversed by an extraordinary railway of its kind. By leading its trains transporting ore, it is the vein of Mauritania.

Certain call it the Douira, the longest, slowest and heaviest train in the world.

Which renders this train unique are the travellers who coexist with the iron in extreme condition. Profiting from free transportation, men and their animals ride the Douira for a journey of twenty hours where they darken over the kilometers. In summer, sat on the ore, they are exposed to temperatures exceeding 45 degree (C), cradled by the clinging of 200 train cars and the bleating of the goats.

And yet so, the travellers of these unprecedented caravans will never complain. There is even a natural solidarity which forms between these fisherman, students, or businessman. And for which, they risk their lives in this train where the smallest fall could leave one alone, in the middle of the Sahara, dead. 

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