Rainbow Snake

Welcome to the land of the aboriginal people, a region shaped by the groove of the rainbow serpent, whose story this is :

« At the beginning of the Dreamtime, the earth was flat, dry and empty. There were no trees, no rivers, no animals and no grass. It was a dry and flat land. One day Goorialla, the rainbow snake, awoke from his sleep. He crossed all parts of dry Australia, his long and large body had dug great grooves in the earth. He shouted « Frogs, come out! » and the frogs came out of the ground, their bellies full of the water they had stored. He tickled the frogs until water gushed out of their mouths and filled the grooves in the earth. These grooves formed the rivers and streams we see today. As the water flowed over the land, grass and trees began to grow and color the land. Now that there was grass to eat and water to drink, Goorialla woke the animals. The kookaburra laughed, the goanna walked and the wombat came out of its burrow, all for the first time. The rainbow snake made rules that all the animals had to obey. He said, « All animals that obey the rules will be rewarded by becoming humans. Animals that disobey the rules will be punished. » Some animals followed the rules and were rewarded by becoming humans. Other animals disobeyed the rules and were turned into stone that makes mountains. Today, whenever it rains, you can see the rainbow snake sharing its beautiful colors with the people on the ground. »